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Back in September we had the pleasure of traveling to Kithira, a beautiful island in the southern part of Greece, to document the the wedding of Alyssa and Stefanos and what an experience it was. 


First day started with a speedboat ride where we had the privilege to witness the hidden gems of the island. Turquoise waters and giant  rock cliffs were the perfect combo for our adventurous couple ! 


Day ended with a rare sight, during our underwater session in the Hytra island we experienced the natural beauty in her majesty. The sweet sunset light kept changing the color pallete of the stone reef bottom and the coral starfish became more visible creating an image that we will never forget.


drone kitira.jpg

The next day we had the chance to explore the classy Chora ourselves . Pink bougainvilleas, white washed facades with blue windows and all the roads leading to the Castle . This is where, alongside Adrian Wood, we filmed the pre wedding session. Light was perfect and with a background like that you can’t go wrong.


Wedding day and we are up early for our daily vinyasa yoga routine - just kidding 😜- . We woke up late because we re chasing the Milky Way for this epic timelapse . 


Preparations started on these minimal, super stylish houses painted in pastel colors and naturally decorated with capers leaves . Everyone was smiling, and exchanging love words and we still remember Stefanos’ face glowing , when he saw Alyssa during our first look session.


Afterwards we moved towards Kapsali village where Ioanna Vamvakari and her team had transformed an art gallery in to the most romantic setting for a touching ceremony. Local live music accompanied Alyssa as she was entering the gallery spreading those love vibes all around.


Almost no one held back tears and emotions when Alyssa and Stefanos exchanges their vows and everybody witnessed the special bond these two have.


After that, a chilled out reception kicked off with wishes from the beloved ones and in typical Greek - Californian style we found ourselves in the dance floor bouncing till early morning. 


 One thing that we loved about Stefanos’ and Alyssa’s wedding is how timeless and romantic it was... it could have been set 40 years ago.


It was a pleasure getting to know these two lovely human beings and document their wedding alongside top vendors . We have to admit though that we love every wedding we film, but island weddings are our thing !

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