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Alisha & Nell, Rhodes to Forever

Alisha & Nell, Rhodes to Forever


We first met with Alisha and Neel online. This is where they told us about their unique love story and the plans they had for a different wedding.


We had talked for hours ,planning meticulously with the help of.                how we  would be able to film the whole process and deliver something truly timeless.


 We arrived in Rhodes two days before the wedding and literally we couldn’t stop filming. Our goal was to project all that stimuli that make an Indian wedding and Rhodes unique . Colours, music, architecture , history.

The event officially started with the Mehndi party. Everyone looked amazing dressed in color, enjoying the cocktails served and having a good time.  Before the event we managed to ''steal'' Alisha and Neel for a quick session in the Medieval Castle of Rhodes. Bothe dressed in blue shades matched perfectly with the ceramic pallete of the medieval narrow streets.

Next day the Haldi ceremony followed. Friends and family applied lots of turmeric all over Alisha and Neel in order to purify their should and body for the wedding ceremony to follow the next day.

The wedding ceremony was held at the central stage of the amazing Alila Hotel in Rhodes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. There was a range of emotions as the ceremony unfolded but in the end its was all laughter as Alisha was the big winner of the mini game.

Planning & Design:



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