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Imagine Cinematography is an award winning film studio based in Athens ready to travel world-wide in search of the emotions that move the world .

Our focus is to capture the details that make every wedding special and create a film that will attract any viewer interested in art and cinema.


To do this  we like to know every couple personally in order to create a film that reflects all aspects of their personality.

Talking about movies is like talking about dreams, years can pass in a second, and you can hop from one place to another.

It's a language made of image.


And in the real cinema, every object and every light means something, as in a dream.


Chris & Christina, Paris

We first met with Chris and Christina in the centre of Athens. This is where they told us about their unique love story and the plans they had for a different wedding.


Laudy & Michel,Athens Riviera

In Imagine Cinematography we love sea, we love sailing, we love happy people.

Laudy and Michel got married while sailing - how romantic is that! - and from what you will see they celebrated it properly.

No wonder this yacht wedding caught our heart !

Katie & Brad, Santorini

These two travelled all the way from San Francisco, just to experience the mystic energy the island of Santorini has to offer.

In a sunbathed balcony they exchanged their vows of love and commitment.

Nelly & Tolis, Athens

Weddings in the city will always hold a special place to our heart. 

They are classy and always end up with crazy parties. 

This one was not exception. 

Nicky & Johnnie, Evia

From the moment we met Nicky and Johnnie we were certain we gonna have the chance to film something unique. 

Summer, love, sea, cocktails and a lot of crazy dancing.

Anneta & Kostas, Kythira

A wonderful 3 day celebration of love, party and beauty of nature. This could briefly describe the  marriage of Anneta and Kostas.

 This love story started in Kithira 3 years ago when Kostas first visited this beautiful island. When someone set his foot at this blessed land is ready to love and be loved.

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