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Based in Greece available worldwide.

Destination wedding videographer Tuscany

Imagine Cinematography | Destination Wedding Videographer is an award winning film studio based in Athens ready to travel world-wide in search of the emotions that move the world .

Our focus is to capture the details that make every wedding special and create a film that will attract any viewer interested in art and cinema.


To do this  we like to know every couple personally in order to create a film that reflects all aspects of their personality.

Our favourite Films

A selection of events we were honoured to Film .

Wedding in Tuscany

Luxury wedding in Italy

Destination weddings are something we were fond of from the very beginning.

Combine this with the natural beauty of Tuscany and a photogenic couple and we got all we need.

Wedding in Kythira

Destination Wedding videographer

We had the pleasure of traveling to Kithira, a beautiful island in the southern part of Greece, to document the wedding of Alyssa and Stefanos and it was  an experience . 

Indian Wedding in Rhodes

Indian Wedding videographer in Greece

Culture, tradition, fashion and lots of color are the basic elements of Indian Weddings.

This one though, had all with an extra touch. 

Jamaican Wedding in Athens Riviera

Best videographer Greece

This is our first Caribbean wedding and we impressed by the music, the colors and the positive vibes.

Watch this, you will feel the same.

Glamorous Wedding in Mykonos

Destination Wedding videographer In Mykonos

What happened in Mykonos thought in this 3 day festival of Love, friendship and happy beautiful people, is something we will never forget. 

Jewish Wedding in Crete

Destination Videographer Crete

Every time we are about to Film a Jewish wedding the excitement levels literally peak.

It is what we call a full event that always climaxes to a great party.

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