We first met with Chris and Christina in the centre of Athens. This is where they told us about their unique love story and the plans they had for a different wedding.


We had talked for hours ,planning meticulously how we  would be able to film the whole process and deliver something truly timeless.


 We arrived in Paris two days before the wedding and literally we couldn’t stop filming. Our goal was to project all that stimuli that make Paris unique. Colours, music, architecture , history.


The wedding was held at the imposing Greek Orthodox Church in central Paris . With devoutness and emotions of love and joy overflowing the room, Chris and Christina became one.


The reception was planned in a riverboat decorated in 30s style. It was truly amazing cruising along La Seine and we feel so lucky we had the chance to witness all the beauty Paris by night had to offer. 


The Party lasted till first hours in the morning with a Chris and Christina rocking the dance floor.


We are grateful for your trust and we wish you to always love each other like the first day of your common life together!