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Marie & Simon, Jewish Wedding in Crete

Marie & Simon, Jewish Wedding in Crete

We hope everyone out there has had a super start to the year!  We’re pretty stoked to be finally sharing the wedding of Nelly and Tolis !

The wedding day started at the prestigious Laas estate. It was fun, relaxed and everyone was involved creatively. Arranging flowers, setting playlists and having mastiha shots.

When everyone was ready we moved to the estate's chapel where the ceremony was held.

Nelly and Tolis were surrounded by friends from all over the world. There was no shortage of happy tears and laughter since nobody held back with the emotion they felt.

Simply being around Nelly and Tolis is such a positive experience and they’re the kind of people that give out nothing but good energy and good vibes.  


They’re genuinely passionate about life, love and people and it really shows in the way they talk to you and smile.

We feel thankful to know these guys and to have shared so many beautiful moments with them, hopefully you will enjoy their wedding film as much as we do! 

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