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in Evia

It has become a habit at Imagine Cinematography to start each season with such amazing experiences.

This year we found ourselves in a remote sea village in Evia to film the story of Nicky and Johnnie.


The setting was perfect ,fishermen repairing their nets, seagulls waiting for a snack and the combination that made Evia so popular , blue waters in green context.



Everyone started to get ready in a summer house overlooking the sea, with Nicky looking stunning in her wedding dress. As she was walking with her father towards Johnnie you could feel the positive vibes and love between everyone present.

Definitely the highlight of this day though, was the party! It may sound cliché but it always gonna be the simpler the better.


A beach bar , friends ready for everything, crazy music and of course proper fuel .. seemed to be more than enough for this party to be lit .

Real stuff like this keeps us filming with passion and loving what                                                 we do !


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