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Anneta -  Kostas

A wonderful 3 day celebration of love, party and beauty of nature. This could briefly describe the  marriage of Anneta and Kostas.


This love story started in Kithira 3 years ago when Kostas first visited this beautiful island. When someone sets his foot at this blessed land is ready to love and be loved.


The ceremony took place at the imposing church of St.Constantine in Glyfada, Anneta and Kostas became one among friends and family.


Everyone was waiting for the first dance and then it was all about cocktails , dance , more cocktails etc


Only thing to be distracted from the dance floor was the full moon above us.


Next day we were on a boat to Kithira , our goal was to film as much of the beauty this island has to offer.


A byzantine Castle, cold mountain springs and golden beaches with blue waters was the canvas to paint this true love story .